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Profitable Objects

RSP selects profitable real estate objects optimally suitable to the technical task and investment preferences of the particular investor. RSP specialists select the optimally investment asset in terms of profitability, risks and further liquidity. The customer will be able to purchase the competitive object that guarantees stable and high profitability in future as well as high demand of tenants and potential buyers.

Within the frame of this service, the complex approach to analysis and “packaging” of investment “products” for the investors is made:

  1. Selection of several variants of profitable items in compliance with the technical task of the customer.
  2. Comprehensive analysis of risks of further ownership of the object, prospects for development of surrounding territory, promotion of competition.
  3. Calculation of financial model, analysis of the project profitability, composition of tenants, expenses adequacy for management and operation (assessment of the possibility of its optimization)
  4. Consultations on possibility to increase the item profitability in future and its capitalization on the market. 
  5. Structuring of transactions with cost optimization. Legal and financial due diligence of the projects.
  6. Protection of interests of the investors against sellers. Consultations on exit from the projects and investment realization of the assets.