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Other Types of Activities

RSP Retail

RSP Retail is specialized in support of lease and sale transactions of street retail objects.

Company services include:

  1. Selection of tenants
  2. Selection of premises (rent/purchase)
  3. Development of the concept of the commercial infrastructure in the residential complex, development of concepts/re-concepts of shopping malls 
  4. Assessment of objects


In response to customer needs in technological and high accuracy consulting, RSP opened new IT-direction – Spy.space face recognition project.

Hotel Management

RSP management company is specialized in management of hotel projects. Thanks to the operational experience we know how to competently organize the hotel operation starting from the technical standards and ending with the work of staff.

Among the offered services:

  1. Development of operational standards of the hotel 
  2. Recommendations on the hotel design and equipment change
  3. Pre-opening and running the hotel
  4. Hotel management

Since 2018 RSP has been managing VOX Hotel.

The hotel is located in the center of Saint Petersburg at 29A Ligovskiy prospekt. The total number of rooms is 77.

Hotel Consulting

RSP provides full range of services for hotel consulting: from finding the object or site to running the object and hotel management. 

Hotels are the most complex types of real estate both in terms of construction and equipage and in terms of operation.

We provide number of specialized services to support the hotel projects and operating hotels:

  • Investment sales
  • Asset management
  • Project analysis and selection of the optimal brand and provider
  • Research of world and Russian hotel real estate market
  • Services for development of construction project and hotel equipage
  • Audit of hotel operating activities in all directions 

One of the main activities of the company is the attraction of international providers for management of apartment hotels in Russia.

Apartment market one of the fastest growing segments of the real estate market.

Attraction of the international provider to the apartment hotel construction project enables in a short period of time create world-class project and obtain strong competitive advantages when selling the apartments.

Depending on the class of the particular project and its location when attracting a brand to the apartment project, one can talk about 10-15% increase in sales cost in comparison with the similar projects in the same place.   

The cost of “cooperation with the provider” depends upon the requirements of the particular provider and the chosen form of cooperation.

Managing own marketing and sales department of the development company.

RSP provides the innovative service of sales management for residential real estate and apartments which has no analogues on the Russian development market.

Since the direction start (2017) in total we have sold at the moment more than two thousands apartments. We create for the developer its own sales and marketing department on a turnkey basis. We have successful projects in the category from economy to luxury apartments. 

Two times we created these business units not from the scratch but restructuring the existing sales departments taking them to a new level.  

RSP performs sweeping audit of all implementation stages – from sales scripts (analyzing mistakes of every consultant, recording conversations with the client) to analysis of efficiency of digital-advertising (in this field head of the department Iliya Shuravin provides consultations not only for development companies, but for the largest media holdings and telecommunication groups), update staff schedule (if necessary) and replace or professionally trains the performers  (in each of the projects we realize the annual training program of the sales department in which we engaged top 10 business trainers of the real estate segment made up of top ratings of 24 HR directors of the largest development companies of Moscow and Saint Petersburg), develop a mortgage block and much more. 

Why is it necessary for the developer in addition to increase of team working efficiency?

We block any possibility of information leakage on potential purchasers which is very problematic to do if the project is implemented by the real estate agency and it is on site. Why should we lose clients if it is possible to build your ideal business?

Also we implement certain know-how to enrich the information on potential purchasers investing tens of millions of rubles every year.

Write your expectations and existing problems on sales and marketing department of your company to the department head Iliya Shuravin to the following e-mail i.shuravin@ruslandsp.com and we will contact you.