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Land Plots

Entry of the developers company into a new region or search of exclusive sites in operations region – in any of these cases, cooperation with our company gives a number of competitive advantages.
Preliminary due diligence investment object made by ourselves significantly saves investor’s time.

Below we specify those risks which are regularly faced by any investor during consideration land plot for construction:

  1. Anything can be built on the land plot in fact.
  2. It is impossible to “realize the function” on the land plot in the current period of time.
  3. It is impossible to “realize the function” on the land plot in current conditions without legal and city-planning transformations.
  4. It is impossible to “realize the function” on the land plot without participation of “neighbors”.
  5. The declared construction volumes cannot be realized.

The task of Investment Department team is to find the high-risk offers and inform the investor before making the investment decision.

When working with investors the specialists carry out:

  1. Analysis of city-planning documents of all stages to determine the capabilities and realize various types of objects within the considered territory (site).
  2. Analysis of the existing real estate items taking into consideration their adaptation, possibility of demolition etc. 
  3. Determination of city-planning development of environment affecting the possibility of the land plot adaptation.
  4. Determination of the complex restrictions and possibilities for usage of the territory.
  5. Development of the construction concepts taking into consideration market research. 
  6. Calculation of technical and economic indicators.
  7. Development of conceptual design materials (if necessary) taking into consideration calculation of insolation and other factors.

Analysis of city-planning documents of all stages include the analysis of the following documents:

  1. Plot plans 
  2. Land use and development regulations 
  3. Site design and demarcation plan
  4. Projects of monument protection zones
  5. Regional and local regulations of city-planning design 
  6. Other documents

The following restrictions are studied to determine the capabilities and realize various types of objects within the considered territory:

  1. Definition of restrictions on usage of the territory
  2. Determination possibility to modify and introduce changes to the specified documents 
  3. Restrictions and encumbrances relate with legal and property restrictions (including servitudes etc.) during the project realization
  4. Environmental restrictions (water protection zones, protected environmental zones etc.)
  5. Sanitary restrictions (sanitary protection zones and roadside clear zones)
  6. Restrictions related to technical zones (network security zones etc.)
  7. Special restrictions (for example, related to airports etc.)
  8. Restrictions related to historical and cultural monuments and their protection zones
  9. Green plantings
  10.  Other factors

We also perform field-specific types of works such as: city-ecological analysis, historical and cultural analysis, analysis of the completed project proposals (audit) with suggestions for optimization etc.

We will help you to avoid following mistakes at the time of the project sale

  1. Setting the unrealistic cost based on the “air concept” of the architect firm and developed without taking into account city regulations, demand features and competitive environment.
  2. Incorrect sales strategy. Presentation of the site to investors with taking into consideration their strategy. As a result “soaping” the project.
  3. Provision of incorrect or incomplete information on the site.

The advantages of cooperation with RSP for investors.

  1. Complete confidentiality of cooperation.
  2. Land plots in Moscow and Saint Petersburg which are not in wide sale.
  3. Provision of complete analytics package to take decision and purchase the site. Financial model according to the investor’s form, city-planning analysis of risks on the site, marketing research.
  4. Our team performs all types of special-purpose analysis. Subscriber-based service is possible.
  5. Organization of financing.

Purposeful search of objects according to your technical task and payment of a commission by the Byer is protection of your interests at all stages of the negotiation process.

The advantages of cooperation with RSP for sellers.

  1. We are constantly in search of various projects for special investors. The largest developers of residential and commercial real estate are among our clients. 
  2. Branches in Moscow and Saint Petersburg – we present your project to the investors of two capitals. 
  3. Preparation of complete pre-sale package including support of issuance of city-planning documents.

Transaction support at all its stages.

RSP working principles

  1. Provision of complete information on the investment object including cash flow forecast. Assessment of city-planning and legal risks and ways to minimize them for each project.
  2. Operational processing of any request both primary and during the request in the process of cooperation.
  3. Provision for consideration of sites corresponding to the technical task

4 stages of cooperation with RSP

  1.  Coordination of the technical task with investor (budget, strategy, region, level of city-planning risks etc.). 
  2. Selection of projects and collection of analytics sufficient to take a decision. Composition of the provided documents for the 2nd stage: project presentation, explanatory note on city-planning risks preliminary due diligence (including technical), marketing, financial model.
  3. Processing of highly specialized requests: city-ecological analysis, historical and cultural analysis etc.
  4. Transaction structuring and support.