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Investment objects

Profitable objects and land plots

The Rusland SP team includes specialists with the highest competencies in the real estate investment field. We are the leaders in the number of investment transactions in the North-West region, among which are landmark projects for St. Petersburg. Our team members closed landmark investment deals in Moscow. Our rich experience in hotel investment transactions in Europe allows us to transfer these competencies in Russia as well.

We provide the following types of services:

  • Attracting investors to profitable objects and land plots;
  • Selection of objects for investment in strict accordance with the Investors’ request;
  • Analytics for decision-making on development projects: assessment of urban development risks, calculation of technical and economic parameters of the project, financial calculation.

A deep understanding of the operational processes of commercial real estate management (FM, PM) and the impact of the latest market trends (including the COVID agenda and the impact of political changes) allows us to see the real profitability of objects and find undervalued objects and see new niches for investment for large objects with a fast decision horizon.

Our advantages:

  1. For sale – the largest land bank in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Moscow.
  2. The current short-list of investors includes Russia’s largest residential developers and owners of commercial real estate.
  3. Unique experience in supporting investment transactions, as well as deep knowledge of the real estate market guarantee a high result.

Examples of transactions

Over the past few years of work, we have been accompanied by many transactions for the sale of land plots and buildings totaling

9 billion rubles

Petrovskaya spit, 7/2. Saint-Petersburg

2.8 hectares for housing development (buyer – “Etalon”)

Chekhov st., 18. Saint-Petersburg

Sale of part of a historic building

Gorokhovaya st., 16/71. Saint-Petersburg

Historical building of 4,880 sq. m (seller – Rostelecom PJSC)

Sofiyskaya st., 63. Saint-Petersburg

2.5 hectares for housing development (the buyer is Alliance-Invest)

Bernauer st. 42-44/ Wolliner st. 47, Berlin, Germany

Land plot for the construction of the residential complex

Bogisici bb, 85320, Dukley, Montenegro

Consultations on changing the operator. Attracting the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa brand to the management of the hotel

Kolomyazhsky ave., 4. Saint-Petersburg

Two storage units with an area of 12,223 sq. m (buyer – FGC “Leader”)

Murino district. Saint-Petersburg

Three storage units for the construction of the residential complex “Northern Palette” with an area of 39,723 sq. m (buyer – “Monarch”)

Marshal Tukhachevsky st., 27/2. Saint-Petersburg

Sale of the Soviet hotel “Karelia”

Yanino. Saint-Petersburg

A plot of 2 hectares for the construction of a district shopping center

Nekrasova st., 3-5. Saint-Petersburg

Sale of a telephone exchange building with an area of ​​7.5K sq. meters

Chapygina st., 5, lit. A. Saint-Petersburg

The sale of the building (seller – Rostelecom PJSC)

GALEON Shopping center. Moscow.

Attraction of a co-investor (grocery hypermarket) for the construction of a shopping center in Moscow.

Magnitogoskaya st., 51. Saint-Petersburg

Sale of land for the construction of apartments

Ivan Fomin st., 6. Saint-Petersburg

Sale of the territory of the Positron plant

Marata st., 92. Saint-Petersburg

Sale of a business center