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The main types of the performed consulting activities are: 

City-planning analysis of the site potential

Analysis of the city-planning documents of all stages to define possibilities and realize various types of objects within the considered territory. 

To access the city-planning potential of the land plot, RSP specialists perform analysis of city-planning documentation of all stages:

  • Plot plans 
  • Land use and development regulations 
  • Site design and demarcation plan
  • Projects of monument protection zones
  • Regional and local regulations of city-planning design
  • Other documents

Results of the performed analysis are:

  • Definition of restrictions on usage of the territory;
  • Determination possibility to modify and introduce changes to the territory-planning documents, functional zoning documents, territory-planning documents and other documents;
  • Restrictions and encumbrances relate with legal and property restrictions (including servitudes etc.) during the project realization;
  • Environmental restrictions (water protection zones, protected environmental zones etc.);
  • Sanitary restrictions (sanitary protection zones and roadside clear zones);
  • Restrictions related to technical zones (network security zones etc.);
  • Special restrictions (for example, related to airports etc.);

Restrictions related to historical and cultural monuments and their protection zones;

  • Green plantings;
  • Other factors.

RSP experts performs other types of works, such as:

  • city-ecological analysis;
  • historical and cultural analysis;
  • analysis of the restrictions related to the special territories (airports, transport interchange hubs etc.).

Development of the object concept

RSP provides services for concept development of business centers, city malls, hotels.

Main sections of the concept:

  • Analysis of the city-planning potential of the site
  • Marketing and market rationale
  • Main project solutions. Recommendations for space-planning, engineering and structural solutions
  • Financial modeling

We are also pleased to offer you the services

Attraction of bank financing

We are also pleased to offer you the services of bank lending for investors and owners of the real estate.

The following activities are performed within this service:

  1. Recommendations on partner-banks for filling an application on attraction of the borrowed capital;
  2. Assistance in preparation of the required documents and applications for the credit institution;
  3. Preparation of the required analytical materials and business plans of the project, drawing up of financial models;
  4. Negotiations with bank to achieve most favorable credit conditions for the client.

Redevelopment of industrial territories

RSP has a unique team of consultants with great experience in implementation of redevelopment projects of industrial zones.

Design of projects of large-scale redevelopment requires individual study of each bulk, reconciliation the floating growth of the parking needs following the project implementation, preparation of financial model taking into consideration current income, cash deficiencies for the period of reconstruction, individual planning of revenue and expenditure for each bulk.